Comic 6 - Unbridled Might!
30th Apr 2013, 10:00 AM in Menace of the Growbot!
Unbridled Might!
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Author Notes:
Leighton C. edit delete
Originally our goal was to make this a 12 page story. We went slightly over, but we came close to that goal. Since we had such a small number of pages to work with, it was important to keep the story moving, which is why we spent two pages on establishing the heroes, and then on the third page introduced the villains. We had to expand on our original plan, though, because if you have a small robot that grows into a giant, you have to devote most of a page to showing him grow. It's a rule of storytelling.
User comments:
ChilPhil edit delete reply
Good thing you followed that rule, this page looks cool.
Leighton C. edit delete reply
Thanks! I think it's the Kirby Dots that make it.
D Floyd French edit delete reply
Yeah, those Kirby dots rock, dude.