Comic 4 - The Robot Overlord
23rd Apr 2013, 7:00 AM in Menace of the Growbot!
The Robot Overlord
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Author Notes:
Leighton C. edit delete
D. Floyd French and I decided early on that he would draw the monsters and I would draw the robots. Robots are basically my favorite things to draw. So on this page, Floyd drew the cave and the mountain in the first panel, I drew all of the second panel.

After I drew this page I was concerned that I had made the Robot Overlord too scary looking, since the comic is geared toward kids, but fortunately my four-year-old did not have any problem with him.
User comments:
D Floyd French edit delete reply
Hey, he's not THAT scary. LOL Chance is standing here saying, "He's not too scary, Daddy," so I think you did fine.