Comic 3 - Meet the Monsters
18th Apr 2013, 6:00 AM in Menace of the Growbot!
Meet the Monsters
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Author Notes:
Leighton C. edit delete
Here's the second page of the story. I'm planning to post a new page every Tuesday and Thursday.

I said before that this comic was a collaboration, but I didn't explain who did what. Floyd French and I discussed ideas until we had a concept we liked. Monsters fighting robots seemed like it would be fun to draw. Once we had that concept, Floyd started sketching monsters. I gave him input, but he's the one who designed the four main characters. He also came up with their names.

After we figured out the plot together, I broke the story down into panels and wrote the dialogue. Floyd penciled and lettered the pages (well, except for the robot pages, but we'll talk about those next time.) After the pencils were done, I inked the whole thing.

Fortunately our art styles mesh together well, since we've been collaborating off and on for almost thirty years.
User comments:
ChilPhil edit delete reply
Looks fun. Subscribed.
Leighton C. edit delete reply
Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.
D Floyd French edit delete reply
I do so love these characters. Yeah, I would totally do a second issue in a heartbeat. (Hint. Hint.)