Comic 2 - One Day in Monster Town
13th Apr 2013, 5:00 AM in Menace of the Growbot!
One Day in Monster Town
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Author Notes:
Leighton C. edit delete
Welcome to our comic! I'm Leighton Connor, co-writer and co-artist of M.A.R.s. The other half of the team is D. Floyd French. Floyd and I met when we were in 4th grade and started drawing comics together shortly afterwards.

Now Floyd and I are in our thirties and we both have kids. A few weeks ago we got together and decided to make a comic our kids could enjoy. To that end, we made up this story about monsters fighting robots.
User comments:
PurplePlaydough edit delete reply
This looks really cool, and I'm very sure that you will go far with this.
Leighton C. edit delete reply